Susannah Donne



Each design is crafted uniquely to meet individual client needs, with a tendency toward wild and textural combinations, blending a range of natural specimens - flowers, woodland objects, and often overlooked, yet beautiful organic matter.  Studied attention is given in particular to color play and patterns.  On hand are both unusual and classic floral varieties.  All inquiries include a complimentary phone or email consultation, or an in studio or on location consultation depending on the service requested.  

Weddings Services

There Are Two Options To Meet Wedding Client Needs:  

Full Service Weddings:

Full service wedding design may include some or all of these services: ceremony ornamentation, personal flowers, reception decorations, prop rental, on sight support, delivery/installation, and after party break-downs.  An in depth consultation is followed by a detailed written proposal and any needed revisions. This plan includes unique details which cater to the clients personal sense of style and artistic vision.  A minimum budget for Full Service weddings is $3,000.

A La Carte Weddings:

A La Carte weddings cater to clients with less elaborate needs. Bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, other wearable items and limited centerpiece options are available for pick up from the studio.  All are custom crafted taking into consideration some key stylistic guidelines determined via emails, social media image trading, and/or conferences.

Average Starting Prices For Common Wedding Items:

 Bridal Bouquet: $180

 Bridesmaid Bouquet: $100

  Boutonnieres: $15

  Corsages: $25

  Hair Embellishments $15

  Centerpieces; $65


Styling and Freelance Services

Floral styling expertise is available for fashion as well as interior design editorial and commercial publications. For freelance services to larger event and production design companies, expert and quick craftsmanship and a well versed knowledge of the varying styles of floral design can be relied upon.


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